Chelsey Imports has been a leader in the scarf industry since it began in 1985.

The unique use of color and pattern woven in fine yarns such as cashmere, wool and silk define the essence of the brand.

Born in the Middle East and raised in Europe, designer Teresa Korine developed an early passion for fashion. After majoring in business management in Montreal, she moved to New York City where her parents and brothers lived, in the hopes of starting a business of her own. Soon after moving to the Big Apple, she married her high school sweetheart and before they knew it, a family business was born. Though unplanned, the venture seemed only natural since both have a flair for fashion that blends high quality merchandise with worldly taste.

Today, 30 years later, Chelsey scarves are found in most high end retail stores across the United States and Canada. Considering the dynamic duo isn't scared of taking fashion risks, their men's and women's scarves are always ahead of the latest trends. While the two are still amazed at the success of their creation, they hope that their two daughters will follow the road they have paved.

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